Indices like DAX and CAC are grabbing headlines in the financial markets on a daily basis, but what are indices and will they serve you to maximize your profits? Let’s start from zero, Indices are a group of stocks from the same industry. They provide access to a certain industry performance.

Indices Trading

Are you trading indices for the first time?

The first index was created in 1885, by Dow Jones and co-founder Charles Dow, summing the prices of the compounded companies and dividing it by the number of companies. This is very simplistic considered nowadays, but back in time, it revolutionized the market more than 100 years ago, and brought into light a new financial instrument.

Nowadays, indices use different ways to define their price, which can be categorized in two groups: Market value weighted indices, which are calculated based on the total market value of the compounded companies. The bigger the company, the larger the impact. The classic examples are FTSE and DAX. Price weighted Indices, which are calculated based on the company share price. So, companies with higher share prices have more impact on the overall performance of the index compared to other companies with lower share price.


It contains the biggest companies regulated by UK business law. Not all of the companies are based in the UK. The price is calculated in real time and published moment after moment during the time the market stays open. The companies which compounded the index come from energy, financial services, mining, pharmaceutical and oil & gas industries.


This index is called differently DAX 30, and contains the top 30 German companies based on their market capitalization. This index is one of the most traded indices in the world because of its high volatility.


S&P 500 is the most famous index in the world, created and published by the Standard & Poor’s company and includes the top 500 USA companies. Because of its strong correlation with other markets, a large number of investors around the globe, trade and invest in S&P 500.

US 30

This index is widely known as the Dow, and is so far the most recognizable stock index in the world. It is composed of 30 companies from 9 crucial market sectors. It is a price-weighted average and its price fluctuations are used to measure the economy's health and performance around the globe.

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