Commodities, the safe haven of the financial market, are a 'must' for your trading portfolio. They are a smart tool to diversify the risk and help you keep the balance of your investment. Open trades in all commodity categories enjoying our superb trading platform conditions.

Commodities Trading

Are you trading commodities for the first time?

Commodities stay in the core of any daily activity. They are the big blocks where the global economy is built. They are the materials which come from earth and need to be processed in order to be used in other stages of manufacturing. Commodities are categorized into soft and hard. Soft are mostly agricultural and hard are metals like gold and energies like gas and oil.

Commodities are usually traded as individual assets and also through CFD contracts. Any trader who is willing to invest their capital in commodities is now able to trade commodities without having to own them as assets, and with a very low first investment at about $250. There are many factors which influence the production and the consumption of commodities. Let’s dive in the most important ones:

Supply and demand

While the supply and demand for commodities change, the corresponding price will also change. The core rule is that the price of a commodity will rise with the rise of the demand increasing. There is a second scenario when prices will rise, in case of a static demand and a fall in the overall supply or inventory of the commodity. On the other side, the price of a commodity would fall if it faces a demand decreasing and supply increasing.

The Weather Conditions

The weather conditions have a major role in defining the commodity prices, especially in the agricultural sector. Favourable weather may result in a leading oversupply of the commodity. Not favourable weather conditions would result in a shortage in the supply of a commodity. Weather might also affect the price of heating oil and natural gas.

Economic and political events

Some of the most wanted commodities are produced in regions and countries which are experiencing turbulent time on their political issues. For example, crude oil is massively produced in countries around the Middle East, meaning that the price of Brent Oil and WTI can be heavily influenced by the political tensions that historically have happened in that region. For example, if any producing country is sanctioned, it usually cuts off the supply, so for the same demand, the price goes up.

The US dollar Fluctuations

Before the economic crisis of 2008, there was a weak relationship between the US Dollar value and commodity prices. USD bear market corresponded to a sharp falling of commodity prices. Post 2008, the US implemented a plan, following which, commodity prices started to rise. Studies have shown that a losing monetary policy indicates rising commodity prices. There is always a pair which profits from the price fluctuations, since commodities are the most exported-imported assets.

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Transparent trading conditions

Our trading conditions are transparent, written in the account types section, and legal regulations also. For any additional questions you will have a dedicated conversation with your personal account manager, who will be by your side during the time you are trading with us.


Advanced Financial Tools

Available financial tools enable traders to have what they need to control, manage their account, fund, withdraw, define stop loss and take profits. Technical indicators which will give a full picture of the asset's historical prices.


Risk Management Functions

You cannot avoid the risk, but you can manage it in order to minimise its effects. There are two automatic functions, stop loss and take profits which will close the positions when a certain level of price is met. You will limit the losses and maximise the profits.


Free updated information

Economic calendar and the news are 24/7 available on the platform. Take advantage of any event or news which will influence the prices before and after it happens. Never underestimate the power even of the smallest events.